Perfect posture: Natural/attractive body-language and recovery from injuries.

Body language and subcommunication

A common mistake in learning both leadership and seduction is to look at the words in isolation and disregard both body language and tone of voice. While any half-decent comedian will know that the power is not nearly as much in the words themselves as in the delivery, this seems to come as a shocking surprise to many males. I know of at least one pick-up teacher who likes to let this point sink for a rejected client by walking up to the same woman and using the exact same words with enough confidence and attitude that the interaction plays out in a wildly different manner.

I was personally quite oblivious to the subtext of an interaction, until I encountered David DeAngelo's programs on Body Language and Sexual Communication. Brad P's 30/30 Club likewise touched on the topic with some useful advice. While body language is almost impossible to fake convincingly, simply increasing your awareness of what you and those around you are communicating can be a huge step forward for some men. Also note that there is a huge difference between faking something and consciously working to make it a habit and internalizing it.

All the same, while these were a useful stepping stone from me, I found greater progress from two other sources: One of them was, perhaps quite unsurprisingly, that getting in better shape and fixing my nutrition had a massive impact on my posture, confidence and attitude as well. The other was Rob Brinded, who specializes in rehabilitation and injury prevention and has achieved remarkable results for some of Europe's top football/soccer teams, including Chelsea and Barcelona. His take on the topic is not to waste time trying to consciously teach the processes, when he can instead teach exercises that help the body develop naturally free and attractive body language - as well as making for better posture, effective rehabilitation and more free movements. His basic program delivers excellent value and will be enough for most people. That said, it blew me away immediately and I'm personally very happy with what I have learned from his full Code of the Naturals program.


For me personally, body language has only been one part of the equation though. If you've read my own journey yet, you'll know that I've spent many years with poor posture and that it had my entire body snared up with layers of deep tension, which I've spent years untangling, to the point where I now feel I'm approaching normal freedom of movement after 5-6 years of deliberate work and useful treatments. If you're dealing with anything of the sort, don't let that time scope discourage you though - this is one area where I was far worse off than any ordinary case of bad posture I've ever encountered, and like so much else on this site, the major breakthroughs weren't so much as in the time invested as in what I was investing it in. Rob Brinded represented the first major advance, both in the form of the Code of the Naturals program and a Skype session, in which he proved fully a match for his reputation and with a fun and casual attitude pinpointed tiny oddities about my posture and movements, I'd never noticed, and on-the-fly instructed me in exercises to correct them.

While having the right exercises and advice goes a long way, investing in competent massage therapy can also help with some crucial matters. This is one area in which my ability to advise you on accessible resources is quite limited. For any readers in the Copenhagen-vicinity, I'll readily recommend Christian Kemnitz who, with a background in yoga, shiatsu and myofascial approaches, utterly surpassed all of the other skilled massage therapists I've had in the years prior. I was first made aware of myofascial methods by Rob Brinded and Kemnitz likewise recommended that anyone in a similar position to me seek out a practitioner who knows these (somewhat obscure) techniques. They appear to go by many names, with myofascial release or massage being the most common, and in my experience they make the crucial difference between a massage therapist who can provide general help and release in an area, versus one who can predictably and deliberately change individual aspects of your movement patterns.

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