Effortless Lifestyle: A Journey in self-development

EjnarI am Ejnar Håkonsen, and my driving purpose is to create great experiences for myself and others.

In empowering myself to do this, I've found wonderful teachers from around the world who helped me grow from the classic frustrated introvert, with no social or physical skills, to becoming a charismatic and strong man, with dating life, body and skill sets that far surpass what I would have thought realistic or even possible.

This has been a fun and exciting journey, and I now enjoy recommending the best of these great teachers in resources, to make sure you can enjoy the same personal growth with even greater ease.

A trusted source and an effective overview

This site was originally made to provide recommendations for those friends and acquiantances who have seen me go through this journey and asked me how to achieve similar results. Yet some of the things I have learned on this journey go well beyond what I used to think humans were capable of.

You may already know me personally as a sane individual with a scientific background, and be familiar with the results I have achieved by following these teachers, but some of what I describe here is quite frankly going to challenge your existing belief systems until you allow yourself to personally take the step and observe the results.

As such, I recommend that you start out with the quick article on How to find, buy and use self-development programs. This will describe the web of trust approach that led me to these obscure topics and teachers in the first place, as well as how I've gone about trying out hundreds of resources while being able to easily refund those that disappointed in delivering on their promises.

The recommendations you find here are the teachers who thoroughly impressed me (even if their marketing is sometimes rather horrid or sounds too good to be true). If you already have an exceptional basis of knowledge in one of these fields, I suggest you start out there, to confirm that what I provide does indeed offer great results. This will ease the process of progressing to the topics that truly challenge your comfort zone.

You may also want to check out My own journey if you'd like to see where I came from, the kinds of limitations I originally had, and the chronological story of how I came to be entangled with these teachers and topics in order to reach my own goals.

Putting results first

The advice below is presented to the best of my understanding, as a combination of personal experience and recommendations from multiple outstanding experts with strong track records of producing concrete results.

Some parts may not stand the test of time - the scientific consensus certainly isn't there yet for all of it - but I've found that full scientific understanding often trails the top practical performers in a field by several decades, and so I focus on the teachers who base their careers on the ability to deliver powerful and reliable results for their clients.

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  4. My own journey: The full chronological journey and how these teachers have helped me in shaping my own life.

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