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Realize and accept that life isn't fair - and that this works to your advantage. Whatever impression you might have gotten while growing up, in real life you don't have to settle for whatever seems common or normal. There is no limit to the amount of joy or freedom you're allowed to experience in life.

Even as you grow as a person, your social circle will have a massive impact in shaping you. A popular way of phrasing it, is that you are the product of your 5 closest associates. There are two main implications of this: The first is that as you begin filling your life with positive people you admire, you will effortlessly grow in the same direction. This is also part of the reason why online relations, such as joining David Shade's VIP Inner Circle, or Scot McKay's daily newsletter can have such profound effects, by daily interactions that help you internalize useful mindsets.
  The flipside of this, is that you need to be aware of negative influences in your life and not allow them to drag you down. This can be people filled with negativity or limitations who subconsciously act to spread limiting beliefs wherever they go, people who somehow prove unworthy of your trust in large or small matters, or simply friends who want the best for you but for whatever reason are unwilling to put themselves on the line and are stuck in their own growth. Some you should cull entirely from your social circles, but for the most part it's just a matter of being aware that you have the right to associate with the people you please and that using that freedom to choose the most positive and exciting people, who are themselves embracing change and growth, will reflect powerfully in your own development.

Another aspect of your growth to consider, is that most people are creatures of habit and will be very slow to observe changes in you. As a rule of thumb, most people you already know will not be seeing the person you already are, but instead the person you were roughly 18 months ago. For parents and older family members, who have known you for your entire life, this tends to be even more extreme, and it may well take them 3-10 years to realize that anything at all has changed. This of course means that your interactions with new acquaintances are often far better indications of your development, than how your habitual environment sees you right now. One of the things that will characterize a high quality social circle (or romantic partner), with a positive impact on your growth, is also that they will not just see you as an old habit but be far better at continually perceiving the person you are becoming.Realize that growth in many areas often happens by sudden breakthroughs that let you take a big leap forward. From that new performance level, there are often small setbacks followed by a temporary plateau until you achieve a new breakthrough. Sure, there will be periods when you feel that you're continually growing at all times - the important thing is just to realize that a pattern of occasional setbacks or plateauing does not mean that you are doing anything wrong as long as you still experience regular leaps forward in the long run. Progress is often best perceived over an interval rather than just your latest experience in isolation.

There are men with a thousand stories and men with none. The difference is not that one type leads a more boring life than the other, but simply that the former have the presence and awareness to notice when something makes for a good story. As you go through experiences or relate them to others, let yourself become aware of which ones make for exciting stories. And keep in mind that, like comedy, storytelling is a skill and the delivery is often far more powerful than the content: Passion and excitement goes a long way, as does awareness of which things add to the story and which are just useless details that make the audience lose interest.

Don't underestimate the value of continually seeking out challenges to your principles and beliefs. I'm not saying that you should be watching Fox News or any similar sources that you know fabricates facts in order to sell an agenda, but when you come across authentic and well-reasoned sources that still disagree with you, they can be valuable to stay in touch with, and will quite possibly help your growth more than those who agree with you 100%. This article does a nice job explaining how those who are comfortable in multiple circles and become skilled at bridging the gaps between them tend to be valued immensely and achieve far greater success than those who never step outside their comfort zone and allow themselves to experience such challenges.


Audiobooks are a godsend. If you get a convenient mp3-player that lets you pause, volume control and rewind from your handset, you can enjoy a lot of books or self-development programs "for free" when doing routine tasks that don't keep you mentally occupied (shopping, cooking, cleaning, stretching, walking about etc.). Besides often making those tasks more fun because they no longer feel like a waste of time, most people will easily be able to find an hour of time for such listening in an average day - more than plenty to enjoy self-development programs and other exciting products at a rapid pace, even if you still make sure to occasionally go outside with nothing in your ears and let yourself be present and aware in the time.   I personally use an iPod Nano (.uk / .ca) for my purposes, but I'm by no means an expert on what different brands in this field have to offer.

You will find great benefits to living deliberately - choosing your own course and what you spend your time on. Activities such as watching TV tend to both provide a flow to default into, beyond what you actually wanted to watch, and also tends to waste great amounts of your time while bombarding you with negative impressions and limiting beliefs during commercial break. There's nothing wrong with enjoying some of the experiences TV has to offer, but consider whether you could do that by your own control (e.g. on your computer) rather than joining a flow that does nothing constructive for you. Let yourself mentally search through your habits and see the opportunities for cherry picking the stuff you actually want and skipping the crap you didn't choose.

I was surprised to learn that electric toothbrushes have surpassed the manual ones quite significantly in performance. I was recommended one by my dentist, and was happy to find that it both made the process faster, easier to multitask and improved my dental health significantly. There are multiple levels of performance available, but personally I'm very happy with a pretty basic one (.uk / .ca).

Be aware of your own energy states and become adept at making corrections. We all have both days when we're on top of the world and days when we feel a bit drained, yet as you get more in tune with yourself, you can often identify options for kicking yourself back into gear. If I lack energy, factors I might consider include "Have I been drinking enough water?" "Do I need a meal with lots of quality nutrition?" "Do I need to get/look outside and experience some sunlight?" "Do I need to use my body intensely, either for a quick sprint of something or a more extensive workout?" "Have I been letting something in particular stress me and should I either use hypnosis to let it go or work to solve the situation?" "Do I need to get in touch with my primal side and e.g. go climb some trees?" "Do I need to feel productive and launch myself at my TO-DO list, drawing energy from checking lots of things off?"   You might find that your own inclinations are different, but these are examples of how you can grow adept at diagnosing your own state, to the point where you can often ask the right questions to course correct and act from a high-resource state most of the time.


Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleep. Our melatonin builds up over the day (particularly in darkness) and fades when exposed to powerful (particularly sun-) light. This both means that you can wake up far more aware and rested by allowing a moderate amount of sunlight into your bedroom as the sun rises, rather than blocking out the sun entirely, and also provides the useful trick that you can always go from groggy to completely awake by staring out a window, into sunlight (not directly at the sun - up into a sunlit sky will be sufficient) for about 30 seconds. You might find that this is a great way to start your day if you're tired upon waking.

For any women out there, or if you're dating a woman who enjoys being physically active, you might want to try out a menstrual cup (.uk / .ca). It's a little known alternative to pads and tampons but the women I know who have tried it out found it to be far more comfortable and sanitary than the disposable alternatives, and the fact that it's made for easy cleaning and lasts for about 10 years saves a fortune in the long run.

I recommend keeping a drinking bottle of water handy, but there are some health hazards to using a plastic bottle (not nearly bad enough to offset the replacement of soft drinks with water, but still worth fixing) which may lead you to want one of metal. Having looked a bit into it, I found that stainless steel seemed the healthiest choice, and am personally happy with those offered by Klean Kanteen (.uk / .ca).

Don't fear expired food. The sell-by dates are mostly quality stamps to prevent degrading the brand. Assuming you buy quality food and it doesn't contain any disease to begin with, the real question is not whether it would be safe to eat, but just whether it still smells and tastes well enough that you want to.

If you need to clear your sinuses, pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth and your thumb against your forehead triggers an automatic reflex for your body to do so.

Many diseases or common ailments can be fixed quickly by strengthening your health rather than fighting the disease (a common limitation of modern day medicine - it's effective but it deals in disease rather than health). For most people, one of the easiest ways to do this is to megadose on vitamin C: Buy a bottle of cheap vitamin C and take about 1000 mg and some water every ~20 minutes until your symptoms disappear or you experience mild nausea. This mild nausea is the only side-effect of reaching the point where your body can no longer absorb additional vitamin C - thus, even though the RDA is only 60mg, if you absorb 20-40,000mg before reaching that state, it meant that your body was in need of it to function and optimal capacity. One of the main benefits of having your vitamin C needs saturated is that your immune defense works far more efficiently. I was given this tip by Dr. Saul, author of Doctor Yourself (.uk / .ca). While C-vitamin is the only one I've been keeping in mind as it's proven wildly effective for myself and those I know, he recommends a couple of additional vitamins that can also harmlessly be megadosed in order to boost your health and immune system even further, or in cases when there is no deficiency of vitamin C.

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